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Volunteer Staff

  1. Ms. Julie Parker, the National Academies
  2. Ms. Asha Soutar, the National Academies
  3. Mr. Ha Pham, NextG Solution
  4. Mr. Huy Vu, VietinBank
  5. Mr. Viet Dinh, Freelancer
  6. Mr. Viet Vu, Freelancer
  7. Ms. Phuong Nguyen, RMIT Alumni

Executive Staff

  1. Mr. Minh Do, VOER Program Director
  2. Mr. Cuong Nguyen, VOER Technology Manager
  3. Ms. Ha Nguyen, Operation Manager
  4. Mr. Tien Cuong Nguyen, Program Director for Fellowship and Scholarship

Advisory Council

Advisory Council includes well-known scientists and professors in Vietnam and abroad. They are Dr. John E. Hopcroft, Dr. Nguyen Van Hieu.

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Board of Directors

Members of the Board oversee the general direction of the Vietnam Foundation. They are talented individuals who are leaders in their profession and community.  

  1. Mr. Kien Pham, President and Co-Founder, the Vietnam Foundation
  2. Dr. H. Ray Gamble, Chairman and Co-Founder, the Vietnam Foundation
  3. Mr. Robert Schiffer, Board member and Co-Founder, the Vietnam Foundation

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Strategic Objectives

  • To educate the public on Vietnam, its history, culture, heritage and society
  • To promote bilateral exchanges between the American and Vietnamese people in education, science, technology, medicine and humanities
  • To support cultural and educational programs and activities in the U.S. and Vietnam for the enrichment of the U.S-Vietnam relation
  • To support organizations that share the goals and objectives of improving the U.S.- Vietnam relation
  • To engage in activities and programs that benefit the general public of Vietnam and the U.S.


The Vietnam Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of the Vietnamese people through education.

Despite rapid economic growth, Vietnam is constrained by a poor system of higher education.  Inadequately trained faculty, ineffective teaching methods, and the lack of access to modern technologies limit student learning in many ways.  Government sponsored educational reforms have not kept up with a rising educational need.

The Vietnam Foundation, through its work with the U.S. National Academies, brings the expertise of the U.S. academic community to assist Vietnam in the field of education.  We believe that by supporting educational training programs and integrating technology innovation we can improve tremendously the quality of higher education in Vietnam.


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  "Improving the Lives of the Vietnamese People through Education"
Vietnam: The 8th floor, Newtatco Bld., 21 Lang Ha, Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi.  Phone: (84) 4-6278-2788 | Fax (84) 4-6278-2785. Email:
USA: National Academies Building 500 Fifth Street NW, Room 570 Washington D.C. 20001. Phone: 202-334-2787